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Virtual Fair 2020 Archive


A Virtual Fair? How did we get here?

The times are challenging. With a pandemic in progress it's not safe to gather to celebrate, create, share, and learn has we have in the past. With sadness the Fair, like many events, was put on hold.

Uncertainty became us.

But the many volunteers, creators, entertainers and artisans began to talk. What can we do to help Artisans thrown out of work? Entertainers with few options to earn their keep and stay in their Art? With the powerful awareness of the inequities in our Society, can we learn how to do better? Do More? Give others a voice?

Can we do something that helps us feel our community, support our commitment to each other and do more for the Society we live in? Could it help us survive, redefine and be better next year?

We had to try.
This offering is that try.

Members of the Fair started offering ideas. Post Videos and Photos? Make Maps? How about a 3D Fair in the clouds to walk around in? Hold workshops? Offer T shirts? (NOCF 2020!) Music? An Artisan Showcase to help find your favorite crafts? Tip-jars for entertainers? Can we build it so it can stay on-line beyond Fair and grow and offer more in the future?

Dare we try Live Streaming?
Sure, lets Dare!

It started by thinking, Keep It Simple, It's not too hard. It grew. It started to reach for things that should have been way too hard to do! But a few hundred talented volunteers and contributors kept at it!

And two months later, here it is. An offering from the Fair Community to you.

Be Well, Be Safe, Feel loved. Enjoy!

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